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New Domain Name


Hello Lovely Art Lovers:

In the wonderful and amazing Neanderthal world of technology, I conjured up the information to register my own domain name. My Word Press blog is now

This will help people find me in my cave.

I spend my time in two very different ways.  Four days a week, I am in my studio alone. Except for the dogs and the ghosts.  I paint, primarily.Then in chaotic order,  listen to music, look at books or magazines, drink coffee or liquor depending on the time of day and enjoy a world of very interesting solitude. I begrudge even the slightest of interruptions.  I have conversations with spirits, talk to my higher self, listen to the sounds of nature and  wonder at the magnitude of the Universe.

Three days a week,  I am out in public selling my paintings. This is very active and engaging. I meet and talk to people from around the world. And I really mean around the WORLD.  I have to speak some French or Spanish or use hand gestures. I tell stories, act out complex dramas of the New Orleans landscape,  and listen to the most fascinating of art loving folks.

This a strange brew of dual natures. This is a personality that thrives on both solitude and fame. This is

The Little Courtyard


I realized that moving to New Orleans has done so many wonderful things for my life. One of them is simplification of action. I don’t have to spend much time to get the whole yard neatened up. Weed eat for 15 minutes (after I get the machine working), weed for 10 minutes, water, fill the bird feeder and that is it. In my old life, I spent hours and hours working on a giant yard. This is a prime example of less is more.

This is my little courtyard garden in my Bywater neighborhood.  It is probably only 20 feet by 50 feet with a brick floor outside the back door for about 10 feet.  I have a little tin shed for tools and three raised beds made out of local ancient bricks. I planted everything here since I moved in. IMG_0889It was full of rubble and slate pieces from the old roof, before Katrina. My house was built by a German farming family in 1830. It is creaky and slanted but full of wonderful spirits. It did not flood during Katrina because it in on high ground only 6 blocks from the Mississippi river. So I will count on that in the future.

Now I want to buy some red banana palms and some bird of paradise flowers. I have an Angel Trumpet and regular Bananas. Lots of herbs in raised beds and a few flowers. Of course plenty of Elephant Ear live here too. They are so luscious to paint.  Happy gardening!!!