Monthly Archives: July 2015

Singing in the Rain


Yellow Stucco House starry Night Red Tulips CAM00352 CAM00348Well, actually not singing with joy, this past Saturday at Palmer Park.   I know we always face the possibility of inclement weather at outdoor art shows; but I am ever hopeful about sun and moderate temperatures.  This particular day I did get hit with hard rain and winds. They blew my standing display over and my canvases got wet.  But my tent is extra sturdy,  and I was able to immediately pull them back into shelter and get them dried off.  The day was most excellent as a matter of fact for an extremely important reason. Instead of selling to dry customers…

I made amazing connections with fellow artists. I always chat a little with my neighbors, but don’t roam around too much.  I want to tend to my booth and customers. But this day was slower with the crowd in the morning and then we had the rain deluge in the afternoon.  We artisans were left holding the bag: bag full of water and a deserted park.  I traded a small painting with Adam Hall, whom I love. That was so flattering that he likes my work too. We had a wonderful time visiting and talking about painting and our lives. We are going to ask to be next door neighbors again in the fall.

I also had a great time meeting Joshua Lee, a photographer who turns out to be a fairly close neighbor in Bywater. I stopped to tell him his fly was down and his blue and white underpants were hanging out.  So of course that brought on all the characteristics of a great conversation, a real meeting of the minds. He was my age and had some really similar views on life, money and grown children.  I most definitely want to have him and his gal pal over for a drink.

One of my NOLA besties was at Palmer Park too, Vanessa or Miss Pie to some folks. After we used our available cash for most excellent iced coffee from the red truck,  we counted out quarters and nickels for snowballs.  Very unfortunately, we did not have vodka or bourbon.   I need a travel container for emergency liquor like a St. Bernard dog wears. Something to add to snowballs.

I did get a special order from Barbara that I am very EXCITED about. It will include a tropical island outdoor vegetable market.

Or Mexican/South American market. With an umbrella and banana palms and date palms in the very background. That will be cool to paint. And some other things I have just done for folks. I like special orders because I am able to interact with an art lover on a higher level. Really cool.